What’s in a RBL energy ball? And why?

The ingredients in my signature RBL energy balls are nutrient dense, ethical and all natural. I made this recipe, fed up with energy balls in the health food shops being bulked up with either protein or whey powder.
I wanted proper nourishment and goodness that would fill me naturally and so I experimented for months and the final ingredients not only beautifully worked and complimented each other but they proved popular and are utterly delicious too, they also provided everything I wanted in an energy ball and bulked with the raw, natural healthy benefits of the following ingredients:

Medjoul dates- they are always Palestinian, they are loaded with vitamins A, B6, K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and fibre (and much more too many nutrients to list!) they are perfect for energy and a natural boost, they also assist in maintaining a normal blood pressure and maintaining a healthy nervous system as well good cardiovascular health properties. It really is the king of fruits!

Walnuts- excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin b6 and 7 and high in anti-oxidants. They are full of heart-healthy fats so great to eat and help keep you full, so contrary to popular belief due to this, they are good for weight loss not bad! Perfect nuts to consume post work-out.

Oats- as we all know one of the healthiest grains on earth! They are Packed with fibre, more wonderful antioxidants, beta-glucan (reduces cholesterol so more great heart health properties and may help lower blood sugar levels too) this also makes it so filling, so you feel fuller for longer again a positive in weight management, oats should be included in the diet great to eat them easily in a ball too and on the go too!

Chia seeds- More wonderful, healthy omega 3, protein, is another whole grain, naturally free of gluten, also naturally high in phosphorus. These tiny seeds have been harvested by the aztecs, an important crop along with their beloved cacao (we will get on to that next). Of course they are now in fashion in Europe massively and it’s understandable why, it is a super grain loaded with even more antioxidants and for such small seeds they are a powerhouse of nutrients!

Organic raw Cacao- heavenly stuff, not to be confused with cocoa which is not 100% , pure Cacao has no sugar, milk, whey or any additives to it, its pure goodness for the body (and its chocolate!), its the highest plant based source of iron, has more calcium than cows milk and even more antioxidants in the energy Ball (I know antioxidants are constantly mentioned but they are so important they help absorb the free radicals that cause damage in the body)
What’s more it has, of course that chocolate taste! Bliss! Make the switch from Cocoa to Cacao your body will thank you!

Dried Cranberries- they are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E and are anti-inflammatory also contain dietary fibre, they have a subtle sharpness to them, a delicious tartness which added with the other ingredients and raw Honey the balance is made along with sweetness, they are brilliant in energy balls or raw brownies for this balance.

Honey- well where do we start? Honey is a love of many and rightfully so, it has a long medicinal history as it has anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is why it’s always been added to hot drinks and syrups when you’re full of cold or run down, it’s a natural sweetener and it’s the better choice for increasing athletic performance as it maintains your glycogen levels regulating blood sugar levels, and improves your recovery time over other sweeteners, so great again post work out or even the morning school run!

To order my signature energy balls and get all this goodness at home or on the go, no matter where you are in the uk they are posted out regularly, give them a try! Click the picture below :)

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