Cacao or Cocoa?

We have been asked by customers what the difference is, some had also not heard of it or used it. We use Cacao daily, it’s always in stock in our pantry, as we love raw and un-processed ingredients in our bakes, it’s also organic so another plus. Just 100% Cacao as it should be. It’s worth the extra cost for it’s pure goodness and the nutrition it brings. Cocoa is highly processed being roasted at very high temperatures and lots of sugar is added losing much of the health benefits. Cacao on the other hand is kept pure, it’s the healthy choice of Cocoa, boasts a super high magnesium content (many of us can be too low on this), potassium, Iron (great way to get it!), zinc, flavonoids (wonderful anti-oxidants) basically so many essential minerals, you really should make the switch from Cocoa. You use Cacao as you would Cocoa but please note you need LESS then you would normally use, I recommend 1/3 off your recipe as Cacao is richer and has a stronger flavour. A heavenly, intense chocolatey taste, it is less sweet having no sugar loaded into it. Use a natural sweetener to compliment. We add Cacao to our popular Medjoul date balls, natural honey is added with it, works beautifully. Gives an amazing taste as well as a fabulous boost for your body and mind. We also use it in our brownies and Chocolate cakes too. Our children love Cacao in their warm milk in this cold weather for a good old hot chocolate before bed. Gives their growing bodies those wonderful nutrients and minerals mentioned, I don’t add a sweetener (though they do love something sweet like their mum) they just love that pure chocolate taste..I do remember reading years ago the ancient Aztecs used Cacao as their’s really no wonder! They definitely understood it’s wonderful value. You can also add to any hot desserts you fancy making or your smoothies. Hopefully I’ve persuaded a few people to make the switch or give it a try, you won’t regret it! Any comments or questions very welcome…..


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