RBL is All about the Dates!

Let’s talk about Dates….no not those ones! These ones 😊…… Medjooldates, here at Rustic Bakes Lancaster we are bonkers about them and there are very good reasons to be! They are the super Food of all super food and although yes they are gaining immense popularity for their benefits in your daily diet, there are people (yes really) who have not devoured these caramel tasting fruits..they give a long, sustained burst of energy over anything stuffed with refined sugar, they are all natural and contain potassium, zinc, essential vitamins a, b (especially b6) and k, magnesium and Iron. As well as both soluble and insoluble Fibre. Hence, for centuries in the Middle East they were recommended for ladies getting close to Labour and after childbirth to get the nutrients and strength up as well as opening and ending to religious fasts for the same purpose.
We use them in our very popular raw Energy balls (we post them out everywhere so all can enjoy πŸ‘ŒπŸ») and in our Raw snickers (uber delicious also). Not only raw, cook and add them to your sticky toffee pudding for a natural sweetness and gooey yumminess, add to flapjacks to cut out the refined sugar for a beneficial energy boost your body will appreciate. Don’t get me started on Medjool date scones, why aren’t they a thing??!?! I baked these for my sons pre-school staff and children, who raved about them for months after. They add a toffee taste and moisture better than any boring old sultanas…let’s move on and and promote these beauties. Lastly eat them as or add your favourite nut butter and sprinkle with raw Cacao instead of your kit Kat at the office or munch on for post workout and the school runs. Also always have your Medjool dates in tubs ready for kids (take out the stone and pop in an almond or cashew if able to eat and be aware of choking in young kids of course) and the positive thing your kids won’t crash or have affected activity levels. They really are the best snacking alternative for our bodies and families. Remember buy your Medjool dates ethically, we recommend Zaytoun (below) and yes of course if this company are reading…we will gladly accept sponsorship (shall we say a crate month?) 😁…please comment below on how you use your Medjool dates, recipes and pics even more welcome! Spread the love ❀️dates

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